Mystery Trivia Calendars





The 1999 365-Day Mystery Lover’s Calendar

text by Jay Pearsall


Pomegranate, Rohnert Park, CA. 1998. Box calendar. 313 pages. (5¼ X 4¼). Each page has a mystery question with the answer on the back of that page. The text is from Mystery & Crime: The New York Public Library ® Book of Answers by Jay Pearsall.







Mystery Trivia

An Exclusive 1994 Year-In-A-Box Calendar


Day Dream Publishing, Inc., by Otto Penzler. Carpinteria, CA. 1993. Box calendar. 313 pages. (5 X 4½). Each day has a few lines of mystery trivia covering authors, films, actual events, etc.




Scans and Commentary by Bob Gaines